air-conditioning-systemsAir Conditioning Components

  • In our fabrication shop in Greensboro, NC we manufacture many of the components used in our air conditioning system

Filtration Components

  • We manufacture these components used in our filtration systems, including:

Air Washers

  • INDUSTRIAL AIR Air Washers have an evaporative cooling spray chamber.  Air comes in direct contact with spray water, resulting in saturation efficiencies as high as 95%.  By coupling an Air Washer with chilled water, we can closely maintain temperature (+/- 2°F) and relative humidity (+/- 1% RH).  An extended “free cooling” economizer range and maintenance advantages make an Air Washer a smart choice for manufacturing environments and many other applications.  Air Washers are available in shop fabricated Clima-Cell custom units or as field erected systems.


  •  Round and rectangular ductwork materials of construction include, but are not limited to, galvanized steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.  Connections include TDF, Industrial Air snap-u-lock, angle frames, angle rings, Industrial Air v-rings, and welded.

Clima Cell HVAC Package Units

  • Each unit is designed and fitted to your particular operation. Custom engineered Clima-Cells provide the ultimate performance, quality, and reliability for your specific air conditioning, heating and air handling applications.
  •  Custom engineered Live Hang Clima-Cells designed and made for the harsh environment of poultry processing.

Controls Monitoring

  • INDUSTRIAL AIR can add to your existing Building Automation System (BAS) or we can provide AirShow, a completely customizable Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA).  With AirShow, multiple authorized personnel can simultaneously access the system through standard web browsers on PCs, laptops, tablets or even smart phones.

Control PanelsControl Panels (UL Listed)

  • Optimal mechanical systems are achieved when the control system designer has a thorough understanding of what is expected of the total system.  By building our own control systems INDUSTRIAL AIR can also incorporate components and programming similar to those already in use by our clients.

Custom Metal & Plate Fabrication

  • Whether you need a large field erected holding tank or a small custom support stand, INDUSTRIAL AIR can design, fabricate and install custom metal products to match your project requirements.

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