Air Conditioning

  • Air Conditioning Systems
    INDUSTRIAL AIR designs, fabricates and installs air conditioning systems to maintain temperature and relative humidity, for efficient manufacturing environments.
  • Laboratory HVAC
    INDUSTRIAL AIR laboratory airflow control systems help prevent overexposure to airborne chemical hazards, as well as, satisfy the temperature and humidity conditioning requirements of the occupants and processes.

Air Filtration

  • Air Filtration
    Whether you need to comply with OSHA Standards for Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL), need to clean the air for efficient manufacturing, or reclaim material that can be re-introduced back into your process, INDUSTRIAL AIR designs, fabricates, and installs these systems.
  • Industrial Ventilation
    Hoods to capture cutting and grinding dust or ventilation systems for odor removal are among the many Industrial Ventilation systems we offer.
  • Dust Collection
    INDUSTRIAL AIR dust collection systems are designed with reliability, accessibility and safety in mind. We will help you evaluate the dust being collected in order to properly select system types, system locations and safety measures to prevent and mitigate fires and dust explosions (NFPA 654).

 Controls and Electrical

  • Controls
    We design and build our own control systems and UL labeled custom control panels. Typically, we furnish control systems with the same series of programmable logic controllers (PLC) already in use in your facility.
  • Electrical
    INDUSTRIAL AIR offers in-house electrical design and installation for a truly “turn-key” mechanical system. As licensed electrical contractors, we have the flexibility to provide pre-wired shop assembled systems, or to provide on-site wiring.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    INDUSTRIAL AIR service professionals are highly trained and fully qualified to quickly analyze problems and perform the necessary steps to maintain optimum system performance.


  • Chiller Rooms
    The design, operation, and maintenance of chilled water plants have a large impact on building energy use and operating cost. Let INDUSTRIAL AIR assist with your new chiller room, or an overhaul of your existing system. We also offer modular chiller room solutions.
  • Piping Systems
    INDUSTRIAL AIR designs and installs Chilled water, condenser water, hot water, steam, compressed air, and natural gas.

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