Custom Industrial Ventilation Products

To ensure your complete satisfaction, Industrial Air engineers will custom design each phase of your system. The only thing more important than meeting the highest standards and engineering design principles in the industry is our commitment to satisfying your individual requirements.


Our highly capable staff of professional engineers have the capabilities to design piping, duct work and the mechanical or process features that will make up your system. When a layout is complete, they’ll oversee your system through installation.


industrial hvac service

Our electrical engineers design the entire system from branch circuits and equipment specifications to lighting and power distribution. Project managers then see it through to final installation and start-up. Throughout the process, our engineers are on hand for adjustments, making sure you’ll get exactly what you need. In addition to being a licensed electrical contractor, we’re able to ship completely pre-wired, ready-to-install custom electrical and controls panels that can be labeled in accordance with the latest testing agency requirements.


industrial hvac service

With each system, we have the capacity to build in a full range of controls to give you optimal command of every function. Options include PLC, PC and DDC based controllers. Whether pneumatic, electronic or electric, each is designed, built, installed and serviced by our staff, ensuring proper control operation and top system performance. All allowing your system to operate at the most energy efficient levels. A unique offering from Industrial Air is the ability to integrate your building HVAC controls with your Process Controls. In most applications Industrial Air is capable of programming the HVAC controls to become part of the overall Process Controls Package. All hardware used by Industrial Air is non-proprietary which allows for ease in service.

Metal Fabrication

industrial hvac service

  • Platforms and ladders
  • Powder and bulk handling systems
  • Above ground plating tank assemblies
  • Custom designed chilled water and hot water piping and jackets
  • Silos
  • Hoppers

System Evaluation

If you’re concerned about the performance of your current system, our engineers can analyze its performance, then suggest modifications designed to raise your capacity or energy efficiency levels. Industrial Air will gladly work with you to formulate and analyze payback schedules to help you determine the most cost effective method to upgrade your system.

License and/or Approvals

Industrial Air maintains current engineering and contractor licenses in multiple states. We will also assist you in obtaining building permits should they be required by local authorities.

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