Industrial HVAC Systems & Controls

HVAC Control System (BAC/BMS)

A man installing a commercial HVAC control system

We design our HVAC systems (BAC/BMS) to function as fully automatic digital systems. Our systems work with the latest cutting edge HVAC control system technology.  We also design our HVAC systems to work with existing pneumatic controls system. Our PC or PLC based HVAC controls use modern, non-proprietary components throughout. This gives you years of trouble-free service and ease of replacement when necessary.

Industrial Air specializes in matching your HVAC Control System & Building Automation Controls with your Process Controls.

HVAC Process Control System

We design our HVAC process control systems with high performance in mind. We create them in-house so we can ensure utmost attention to detail and optimal results. We design all HVAC process control systems to function with minimal user input.  This automation helps them eradicate waste at predetermined levels or respond to room conditions. Automation saves you and your staff time and also cuts down on costs. We design every HVAC control system to work in conjunction with your process systems.

Custom HVAC Control Panel

A custom industrial UL control panel / HVAC control system

Our experts work with you to get a thorough understanding of your needs.  We use this information to design and build a custom UL control panel that is right for your system. UL control panels can be pneumatic, digital, electronic or electric. We design, build, install, and service each style system. Because we install and service your new system, we ensure proper control matching. This gives you top HVAC system performance at the most energy efficient levels.

Custom HVAC Control System Display

PC windows showing our control systems for industrial electrical and heating and cooling HVAC control systems.

We can tailor every display screen and data outlet to your needs. We’ll work with you to provide the output details or graphics that you need. We ensure the final result is easy to read and the most efficient it can be. Our HVAC control system displays include high-quality graphics.   We customize every element of the graphic interface to reflect your specific system. We can also include animated elements for added clarity.

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