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Commercial HVAC Services & Controls

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Industrial Air employees thoroughly trained and well qualified industrial and commercial HVAC service professionals to work with our clients. You can trust our commercial HVAC service team to understand the ins and outs of your system and offer the most cost-effective options for repair, replacement, or maintenance. We are dedicated to long-term business partner relationships built on the highest quality customer service.

Invest in HVAC services you can rely on time and time again. Contact Industrial Air to discuss your HVAC maintenance, repair, or installation needs with industry experts.


Commercial HVAC Services & Controls


Industrial HVAC Service

From standard commercial HVAC services for fans, pumps, cooling towers, and other systems and units to emergency service and repair, clients turn to Industrial Air whenever their heating or cooling fails. We also preventative maintenance contractors to ensure long operating lifetimes for your HVAC equipment.


Industrial HVAC Systems & Controls

We design systems using the latest HVAC control system technology. These HVAC systems are fully automatic digital systems that can be fabricated to work with existing pneumatic controls. From custom UL control panels to control system displays, let us design the optimal system and control for your commercial location.


Industrial HVAC Maintenance

Fully qualified and highly trained, our HVAC maintenance team can diagnose and repair any system problems. We also offer regular HVAC maintenance contracts to make sure your system operates at peak efficiency year in and year our.

Industries We Service

Industrial Air works in partnership with industries that include:














Food Process









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Commercial HVAC Services & Controls FAQ

Our business used a pneumatic control system. Can you provide service for this system? 2018-07-07T02:15:11+00:00

Yes, Industrial Air provides maintenance service for pneumatic, electric/electronic, DDC, and PLC control systems. Our knowledgeable technicians are familiar with these different systems, so you can rest assured maintenance services are performed accurately.

Do you fabricate custom HVAC control system displays? 2018-07-07T02:15:56+00:00

Yes, we can fabricate custom display screens and data outlets that meet your specific needs. The final result will be easy to read and as efficient as possible. We use high-quality graphics and animated elements so you are always clear about how your system is operating.

Why should a business invest in preventative maintenance services? 2018-07-07T02:16:37+00:00

With Industrial Air’s preventative maintenance services, we custom tailor a plan that suits your requirements, improves your HVAC system performance and efficiency, and decreases operating costs. For those clients with one of our service packages, we provide discounted rates for any additionals service work required.


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Engineering Services

To ensure your complete satisfaction, Industrial Air engineers will custom design each phase of your system. The only thing more important than meeting the highest standards and engineering design principles in the industry, is our commitment to satisfying your individual requirements.

Process Controls

Our complete process controls systems are built to perform the precise function you need. By creating the full system ourselves, you are assured of tailor-made design at uncompromised quality.