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Modular Air Conditioning Systems


Forget about large units that manage the whole building. Modular HVAC systems are much easier to work with. They work with multiple units harnessed for one common purpose and provide many other benefits than a typical single unit HVAC system.

Benefits to Using a Modular Air Conditioning Systems

Weather patterns are different everywhere you go. So, structures like offices and other commercial spaces require specialized systems to handle their heating and air conditioning needs. For example, Southwest Florida can get very hot in the summer and mildly cold in the winter, which means you’ll have to adjust the building’s temperature often so employees can feel comfortable.

If your business is small, you may not need modular air conditioning units, but it’s still a good idea for you to know how they work in case you want to expand your company in the future. Business expansion requires a bigger workspace and more heating or cooling needs down the road. And the most popular air systems for businesses are modular units, typically placed on the roof. These systems work together to provide the building with the temperature control it needs.

Why Use Modular Units for Commercial HVAC Units?

Larger business and work places almost always benefit from larger modular air conditioners. They are more technologically innovative and are more low maintenance than other commercial HVAC units.

Some of the main benefits of using modular HVAC systems include:

  •   Whether there’s a new client moving into a slice of office space or an existing business adding more employees or equipment, multiple factors can affect your HVAC system’s output needs. The good thing about modular air systems is that they allow you to simply add or subtract individual units, instead of replacing the entire system.
  •   Not everyone reacts to the temperature the same way. You may think it’s warm while someone else next to you may think it’s cold. And since most office and commercial spaces host multiple residents, everyone is going to have very different heating and cooling needs. Modular units make everyone happy by routing the output for different units to different areas in the office.
  •   Breakdowns in modular units are much easier to deal with. That’s because the vast majority of breakdowns happen only in one unit, allowing the rest of them to shoulder the load until the issue can be fixed. It’s much better than the alternative of having your whole system come crashing down.

Applications for Modular Air Conditioning Units?

Most businesses use commercial HVAC systems because they are out of site out of mind. People don’t want to see eye sore HVAC units. Modular units are mounted on the roof, not only to save space but so they will not distract from the overall architecture and aesthetic of your building. A centralized unit needs to be placed in a precise location because it has to be reinforced to reduce the unit’s weight and stress. On the other hand, modular units distribute the weight evenly and lessen the amount of stress on the building’s infrastructure.

See What We Can Do with Modular Air Conditioning Systems

Industrial Air is your one stop shop for designing, manufacturing and installing new modular air conditioning systems in the Greensboro, NC area. If you’re not sure a modular air conditioning system is right for your company, Industrial Air is more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you with find the right type of commercial HVAC for your business.

Our mission revolves around striving to uphold a true “business partner” relationship with our customers. Our professionals work hard to make sure the job is done right and competently the first time. If you need help determining which type of commercial HVAC system your company needs, give us a call so we can help you make the right decision. We’ll even install it for you, too.

Engineering Services

To ensure your complete satisfaction, Industrial Air engineers will custom design each phase of your system. The only thing more important than meeting the highest standards and engineering design principles in the industry, is our commitment to satisfying your individual requirements.

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Our complete process controls systems are built to perform the precise function you need. By creating the full system ourselves, you are assured of tailor-made design at uncompromised quality.