Custom Tank Fabrication

From small stand alone tanks to large site fabricated systems, Industrial Air provides complete fabrication, installation, training and service for all systems from the ground up. Our fabrication capability includes multi-storage, high polish tanks along with non-destructive testing and evaluation.


Our tanks are available for a vast array of applications in use throughout the world.

  • Large capacity storage tanks
  • Heating and cooling tanks
  • Liquid holding tanks
  • Gas holding tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • Dye tanks
  • Recovery tanks
  • Food processing tanks
  • Reactors
  • Controls and pump skids
  • Portable assemblies
  • Powder and bulk
  • Waste
  • Silos and hoppers

A large capacity tank.

Atmospheric Tanks

  • Shop fabricated
  • Field erected

A poultry waste storage tank.
Poultry waste storage tank

A re-engineered silo.
Re-engineered Silo

A mix tank that was insulated prior to shipment.
Mix Tank – Insulated prior to shipment

A field fabricated lined mix tank.
Field Fabricated Lined Mix Tank

Process Vessels

  • Food process
  • Cosmetics
  • Reactors

These photos illustrate just some of the capabilities of Industrial Air

A process mixer assembly.

One of our custom metal fabrication projects.

A pilot chemical plant.

A mix tank that was insulated prior to shipment.

Code Approvals

Industrial Air offers design and construction in compliance with nationally and internationally recognized codes and standards when required and available. Consult our engineering staff for details pertaining to codes and standards that may be applicable to your next project.

  • ASME Section VIII Div. 1
  • API 620 (Low pressure Storage Tanks)
  • API 650 (Welded Storage Tanks)
  • UL 142 (Steel above ground tanks, flammable and combustible liquids)
  • OSHA catwalks, ladders, rails
  • Tanks constructed with a variety of materials
  • Complete selection of components
  • Controls packages custom designed in our shop
  • Process skids for laboratory or production use
  • In-house or field repairs

Tank Sizes

  • Up to 15′-0″ shop built
  • 15′-0″ and larger field erected
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