Air Louvers

Our Air Louvers can be installed as a single unit, but also make a great installation companion with our type “A” dampers.


weather louverOur standard weather louvers are die-formed .050 aluminum with removable external expanded aluminum screens. Available in sizes up to 52″ wide and 123″ tall. They make an excellent installation companion with our type “A” for outside and exhaust applications.



air dampersOur type “A” air dampers have die-formed, galvanized angle frames with crank arms and linkage out of the airstream. They can be surface mounted, eliminating the need for a louver sleeve. Stainless steel construction is available, as are operator mounting brackets with linkage kits. Our type “R” dampers are barometric relief designed to relieve internal building pressure. They’re designed for stiffness and wear resistance.


Industrial Grilles

grille designed for dirty environmentsGrilles are fabricated in two parts: the frame and core. These sturdy grilles require no rebalancing once in place. Practically maintenance free, they have no springs or other devices to fail. Specifically designed for use in dirty environments requiring large volumes or air. The two-part frame design is for easy removal for cleaning. Frames are extruded aluminum welded in the corners. Cores have a die formed aluminum wrap and extruded aluminum binder.

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