Industrial Air Filters

A variety of filtersThe design of the Clima-Cell® unit allows for filtration applications such as wet/dry submicron particles, dry particle dust and lint. They may also be used in the removal of oil mist or noxious and toxic gases. The unit is configured to fit factory fabricated or vendor furnished filter packages. These packages include but are not limited to: V-Cells, bags, roll filters, cartridges, HEPA, electrostatic precipitators, mist eliminators, odor adsorption, spray washers and scrubbers.

Dust Filters

dust-filterSuccessful dust filtration is the marriage of understanding the production process and proven engineering designs to provide a solution which will result in a safe environment within a realistic budget. We provide thorough evaluations and offer viable solutions that will encompass the collection of all types of waste products with recycling solutions and finite dust collection and separation systems. Our engineering experience yields the benefit of several hundred years of design and fabrication knowledge to address the toughest of dust nuisance problems offering solutions which are guaranteed to work.

Drum Filters

A drum filter.

Our drum filter is manufactured in house using engineered steel materials specifically designed to allow for maximum filtering area while using a proven filtering concept. Each component of the filter is sized to allow it to pass through a standard 36″ wide walk thru door eliminating the need for special access requirements many similar filters require. The drive mechanism is a pressure drive wheel with torque limiting provisions which will not allow the gear motor to destroy components and twist off shafts as in some designs. Filter media is specifically selected for each customer’s application to provide desired end results. Special coatings are available for hostile environments. Structural steel framing rigidly supports both ends of the filter providing years of trouble free operational service.

Roll Filters

A set of custom built roll filters.

Highly versatile, excellent for high-dust concentration applications. Our custom built roll filters are fully automatic and designed for general ventilation as well as critical industrial applications. The filter is a fixed screen over which media is indexed. The media used are strong non-wovens which require no traveling belt, chain or screen. All components are corrosion-resistant so the filter may be used in high-humidity applications.

Vee Filters

An extended surface filter system is our vee filter frame assembly. The filter frame is formed in a v-shaped design to provide exceptional strength and to insure maximum filter surface area for the space used. They are available in two depths and heights of up to 12 feet in a single section. The design uses an extruded zipper strip which will accommodate multiple types of media to meet your filtering needs. Typically, initial pressure drops will be in the .25″ w.g. range when media velocity is selected for 100 feet per minute media velocity.

Bag Filters

High volume filtering is the application for this filter. Factory assembled modules contain expanded metal framing which increases the available filter surface area over conventional vee style design filters. These filters are used where available space is very limited and maximum filtering is needed. Filtering media is, as for all our systems, matched to your specific application requirements.

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