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Industrial Air Dampers

Industrial Air has built turnkey specialty systems in 30 states, coast to coast, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America. That means we’re ready to set up industrial air installations wherever you’re ready, and mechanical dampers and louvers are two vital parts of industrial HVAC systems.

Louvers and dampers can help improve indoor daylight, temperature control, and natural ventilation. Together they also can be used as an accessory for individual cars and as a way to create the thermal control on spacecraft.

Industrial Air specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of new air systems to fume and dust control. We are your No.1 source for air dampers, louvers, industrial grilles and industrial electrical and mechanical contracting.


air dampers

What makes dampers from Industrial Air special? They are type “A” industrial air dampers with die-formed, galvanized angle frames with crank arms and linkage out of the airstream. There is no need for a louver sleeve because they can be surface mounted.

Stainless steel construction is an option, and operator-mounting brackets with linkage kits are also available. To relieve internal building pressure, Industrial Air’s type “R” industrial air dampers are barometric relief designed and they are also intended to be firm and resilient.


weather louver

If you’re looking for die-formed standard weather louver, you’ve come to the right place. Louvers prevent temperature build-up inside the roof cavity when it’s hot outside and also help reduce condensation, which can cause mold, wood rot, and other damage. If louvers are not installed correctly, or if the wrong type of one is used, airflow will be limited and come from under the roof deck, which will result in “hot spots” around the home.

Louvers are shutters with flat slats that are angled to welcome air in a while keeping out dirt, dust and other particles. We carry .050 aluminum with removable external extended aluminum screens that are available in sizes up to 52” wide and 123” tall. They pair well with and make an excellent installation companion with Industrial Air’s type “A” industrial air dampers for outside and exhaust applications.

Industrial Grilles

grille designed for dirty environments

The best part about our industrial grilles is that they don’t require anymore rebalancing once they’re in place. Grilles are fabricated in two parts: the frame and the core. They don’t have any springs or other devices to fail, so they’re practically maintenance-free.

Mainly designed for use in dirty environments, industrial grilles require large quantities of air. The two-part frame design is easy to remove for cleaning, and the frames are extruded aluminum that’s welded in the corners. The cores also have a die formed aluminum wrap and extruded aluminum binder.

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Together damper HVAC systems and louvers create a type of flood opening in modern infrastructure to allow floodwater to enter and leave an opening, which equalizes hydrostatic pressure and lessens the risk of structural damage. If your home or business needs assistance,

Industrial Air prides itself on maintaining a real “business partner” relationship with all its customers. We’ll work nonstop to help them sustain peak efficiency and improve production. Give us a call today so we can make sure your home or business is safe, and under no danger of impending structural damage.

Engineering Services

To ensure your complete satisfaction, Industrial Air engineers will custom design each phase of your system. The only thing more important than meeting the highest standards and engineering design principles in the industry, is our commitment to satisfying your individual requirements.

Process Controls

Our complete process controls systems are built to perform the precise function you need. By creating the full system ourselves, you are assured of tailor-made design at uncompromised quality.