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Industrial Air Washers

The Importance of Commercial Air Washers

What is an air washer? Put simply, an air washer is a combination of a humidifier and air purifier. This 2-in-1 device does two things simultaneously: removes harmful allergens from the air, and maintains optimal humidity levels. This appliance was first marketed in Europe and has found great success in the U.S. as a way to maintain ideal air quality in medical facilities, office buildings, retail facilities, and more. An air washer is the ideal way to maintain near-perfect air quality in any residential or commercial facility. Contact Us Here.

Industries that Benefit from Air Washers

Air washers are an excellent way to control airborne microorganisms, pathogens, allergens, and volatile organic compounds. More than 99% of germs and particles can be eliminated from the air in a single pass through the equipment. Air washers are also very efficient, able to treat a very large volume of air in a short period of time.

When used in commercial facilities, air washers can provide a comfortable working environment, abate industrial smoke and dust, and increase the comfort and productivity of clients and employees. Industries which benefit the most from air washers include:

  • Office spaces
  • Municipal and government buildings
  • Schools and dormitories
  • Airports
  • Retail stores
  • Senior living facilities
  • Homeless shelters or domestic abuse shelters
  • Prisons
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Residential complexes
  • Manufacturing plants  

Medical Facilities and Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, and medical facilities can especially benefit from air washers. The equipment will clean the air of harmful viruses and allergens, reducing the risk of patient infection. Additional medical facilities which benefit from air washers include:

  • Pharmacies
  • Health clinics
  • Dental offices
  • Surgical facilities
  • Medical labs

Your Commercial Air Washer

Each air washer we install is custom-built to accommodate the facility’s size requirements, zoning restrictions, and occupancy levels. We offer a wide range of features, including multiple fan speeds, digital control options, filter change indicators, and more. Our self-contained, weather-proof air washers can be installed almost anywhere and do not require a separate equipment room.

To set up a commercial air washer installation appointment, call us today.

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