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Evaporative Cooler Units

The Air Cooling Process

When air moves across a wet surface, a natural cooling process occurs. This thermodynamic process is called evaporative cooling and is the basis of design for our Evaporative Cooler Units. The air moving across the wetted surface is cooled as the water evaporates. Often called free cooling; this is nature’s way of cooling our bodies via the evaporation of moisture on our skin (perspiration). Click here to call us!

About Our Evaporative Cooler Units

An energy-saving and environmentally-friendly unit perfect for spot cooling applications is Industrial Air’s evaporative cooler unit. It is the industrial version of Mother Nature’s way of cooling. Built on a quality structural steel base with an insulated housing (our standard construction), this unit provides decades of trouble free service life a standard for our units. Click here to call us!

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