About Industrial Air, Inc.

Industrial Air, Inc. was formed in 1964 by A. Reese Hunter and Worth B. Cotton, Jr. to provide companies throughout the United States and abroad with a high quality, reputable business partner specializing in all aspects of industrial HVAC systems.

In our 50+ years of business, our quality, integrity, and commitment to customer satisfaction have provided a solid foundation upon which we strive to deliver the best service in the industry.

Can we build your custom HVAC system? Yes!  With over 50 years of business our ongoing customer satisfaction approval has formed a foundation to catapult our success.

Why Choose Industrial Air, Inc.

From the design, manufacturing, and installation of new systems to fume and dust control, we are your primary resource for industrial electrical and mechanical contracting, service and controls. We pride ourselves in maintaining this true “business partner” relationship with all our customers and work continuously to help them maintain optimum efficiency and improve production in their respective industries.

A Note from Our Founder

Industrial Air’s highest priority is the safety and health of our employees, our clients’ employees and subcontractors. We strive to maintain a strong safety program dedicated to constantly improving the safety standards of our manufacturing and construction operations. To our Project Managers and OSHA Trained Supervisors safety is paramount in the planning of each and every aspect of our jobs.

We have a safety training program for all employees that is constantly changing and evolving. Industrial Air is committed to providing the best possible working conditions for all, as well as maintaining health and safety standards equal or better than the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. We also recognize that it is our responsibility and moral obligation to provide a safe workplace for our employees and others. We consider this, “just good business.”

Allen R. Hunter, Jr.


We are a Industrial HVAC contracting company serving Greensboro, NC area

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HVAC Industries We Serve

Although some similarities can happen, no two industrial air applications are exactly alike. Throughout our history, the Industrial Air team has served and positioned our company as the leading custom industrial air manufacturer.

The entire support team will assess and study your specific needs, then we’ll work together to deliver a custom industrial air system for any  implementation. Since we have successfully delivered the best quality industrial air systems to all of the industries we understand industry regulations and expectations.

This makes for a seamless and transparent partnership with your business and ours.  Our services go beyond design, manufacturing, and installation.  We can provide maintenance service agreements and the highest quality industrial electrical and mechanical contracting.  We live up to our name providing The Experience and Capabilities to Build the System you need.

Below you will find some of the industries we have served. If you have a project related to any of these, yes, we can help you!

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Food Process













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